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Kitezh Communityis a unique place, unlike anywhere else, where children and adults have built their world together. This new kind of community was founded with a shared desire to be creative and take a leap forward. This community is a world in which children can grow, explore their potential, learn to overcome any difficulty and receive a high quality education.

Our work with children has been successful:our graduates have enrolled in colleges and higher education institutes in bothMoscow and Kaluga. Many of them have good careers as psychologists, social workers, politicians, geologists, economists and more. But the most importantly, these children have become well-developed adults, who are open and kind-hearted. 



Volunteering in Kitezh
A Mutual Exchange
Your life experience will contribute to our childrens understanding of the world. Your time and energy will help the development of the community. In return, you will learn and grow through interacting and working with the residents of Kitezh and Orion. Our volunteers find that their time spent at Kitezh and Orion is a rewarding, uplifting and positive experience. It is also an unrivalled opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the Russian culture and language. 

What strengths will you discover in yourself? What new skills will you learn? 

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How you can help us
Sponsor a child - become a 'Godparent'
Sponsoring a child and becoming a 'Godparent' to one of the children is a wonderful way to support Kitezh Childrens Community. However, its more than just about money - the key is to develop a friendship with your God Child that can last a lifetime. 
Training our Young Professionals We have started a fund for the foster parents and teachers of Kitezh and Orion to receive training and professional development. This will include training at other similar therapeutic communities in the UK through the Charterhouse group, attending Eco-village training and other programmes at the Findhorn Foundation. These trainings enable them to return to Kitezh and Orion refreshed and re-inspired, with new ideas and skills
Books Written By Dmitri Morozov
Our dear friends! There are so many people with bright and kind hearts around the world! The on-line game called HEAVENS (produced by 2reallife company) helps us a lot now.

The people who play this game begin to donate money for the building of Kitezh Educational Center. Thank you so much, guys! You are generous which is a rare quality nowadays. With your help we will be able to finish our school, which is great! Its project consists of four parts. We have already completed the first of them and now the second one is being built. We want to express our gratitude to you wonderful people who decided to help us. Thank you again!

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Our friends and partners

News about our life
  • 11.05.2013 Kitezh on The First Channel!
    Recently, a 4-minute report about Kitezh was shown on The First Channel's evening news. The journalists filmed the schools work with foster parents and lessons in Kitezhs school, including in art, English and sport. The clip was very beautiful and warm. It was broadcast nationally, so perhaps you know about our heroes?

    You can watch the clip on the following link: http://www.1tv.ru/news/social/228061 
    18.04.2013 Mind The Gap 2013!
    At the end of this year, an international project between schools, Connecting Classrooms Europe, was held in Orion. This took the form of a theatrical workshop, which lasted three days, lead by our friends from Great Britain; musician Jeremy Taylor, director Georgina Brown and producer Rebecca Gosling.
    The production, created by the students, was a way of showcasing the main achievements of the project Connecting Classrooms (with whom Kitezh and Orion have been partners with for the past several years). Through mistakes and success we demonstrated how we can understand problems of inter-cultural co-operation, tolerance and unity in a multi-cultural world.
  • 29.03.2013 The Election of New Members to the Small Council
    In March new members were elected to the Small Council, which is the children's own self governing body in Kitezh. This time only students from the seventh and eight class were elected: Katya Kuzmina, Ksusha Sinko, Svetoslav Morosov, Pasha Shutov and Maksim Nabullin.
    As per usual, the children collected signatures in their support, put together electoral campaigns and took part in debates. However there was a new innovation: this time we allowed those who have not yet achieved the status of student, in the game I am building the world, to be involved in the election.

    25.12.2012 Happy Christmas!!!
    Dear friends of Kitezh,
    We wish you all a very merry Christmas, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for you support and participation this year. It has been quite an eventful year due is a very large part to you efforts, your enthusiasm and participation. To mention but a few of the notable events of the year, we had that inspiring creative venture last April, culminating in the spectacular performance by Mind The Gap. The memories and joy of this will be with us for many years; we hope other such events can be organized in future years..
  • 06.12.2012 Pride of Kaluga region
    Alexander Varaksin, head of Kitezh Childrens Community received a diploma of the best foster father. The contest was organised by the Kaluga region Ministry of family affairs, demographic and social policy. As many of you know Alexander has two own and three foster children, and he happily combines the roles of a carer and a director of Kitezh.
    Almost at the same time the governor of Kaluga region Anatoliy Artamonov has awarded Sergey Khlopenov , a foster parent and a teacher of Kitezh with the sign of honour.
    16.11.2012 English language contest winner
    We are proud of our students Ivan Davydkin, Georgiy Ushakov and Maya Belova. They won the English language district contest. Now they will participate in another contest in Kaluga with the best linguistic schools in the region, which will help them to evaluate their strong and weak points.
    We are immensely thankful to our English teacher Andrew Aikman, the only foreign teacher in Kaluga region, and our English speaking volunteers for the unique opportunity to practice the language.
  • 14.11.2012 Smart and beautiful!
    The faces of Svyatoslav Morozov and Nelly Pichugina are now familiar to almost every school boy or school girl in Russia. In August they took part in the casting of the all-Russian contest for the high school students for innovative science projects organised by Siemens.
    A professional photographer was searching for the new, interesting, cheerful faces of young people to print on posters and other promotion materials, and our children were invited to the photo session. On the day, Svyatoslav and Nelly had to run for 15 minutes in the pouring rain; soggy wet models might be good for...
    14.11.2012 The Director of the Kitezh School in Finland
    Maxim Anikeev spent a week working at a University in Finland, located in the town of Yuvyaskyulya. The project was organised by the Minister of Education of the Kaluga Region Anikeev Alexander, for leaders in education.
    The program included visits to primary and secondary schools, vocational schools and work with lecturers at local universities. Maksim enjoyed the excellent atmosphere at the school, the teachers supportiveness...
  • 06.11.2012 Excursion to Moscow with UBS
    UBS company organised a two day trip to Moscow for the children from Kitezh and Orion. Our kids have been to Maly Theatre and the Planetarium, walked on the Red Square and visited the UBS office.
    On the first day of the Moscow adventure the children saw a classic play by Alexander Ostrovskiy on the stage of the legendary Maly Theatre. The next day started with the visit to the UBS Moscow headquarters where they met management and staff representatives. The employees spoke about their stories of career success, about...
    06.11.2012 The Book of Masters Role Play Game in Orion
    From the 3rd to the 5th of November, the role play game for the pre-school age and younger children, Book of Masters, took place in Orion. The game was designed to teach children the simple truth that only good can defeat evil. In the game, the children had to release the Russian village from the authority of the enchanted Stone Princess, by reviving her stone heart.
    For two days, the children faced many trials and challenges, trips into the boundless forest and endless attacks by the Ardara while finding secret ways to get into the castle of the Stone Princess, and...
  • 29.10.2012 Social Studies Lessons
    From 27-28th October, we organised social studies lessons in our school, led by our Kitezhan friend Evgeniya Akimova. She is now the first deputy director general of project management at "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)".
    This time, Evgeniya came to Kitezh to lead in-depth training for our older students. The two themes which she highlighted were: the economy of small businesses (as part of the training Evgeniya offered the children...
    28.10.2012 Refresher Courses from 22nd-27th October
    From 22nd to 27th October, Kaluga teaching institute organised refresher courses for specialists in social services for foster families and families in difficult circumstances, in the Kaluga region. Our psychologist Maria Shurova familiarised herself with innovative techniques in support services with the help of master classes and training, rehearsing some new effective methods with foster families.
    Also at the course was Lyudmila Petranovskaya, the leader of the Moscow Institute for the Development of Family Structure, family psychologist greatly esteemed by the President of the Russian Federation. Her experience...
  • 19.10.2012 Meeting specialists from Kaluga with David Dean in Kitezh
    In Kitezh, in one of our regular meetings with our UK consultant David Dean, we welcomed specialists from the Ministry of Families, Demographic and Social Policy for the Kaluga region, and the Centre for Helping children without family care.
    For many years David has helped us to create a therapeutic environment for orphaned children, and through the evaluation of our practises, makes recommendations on matters of interest...
    18.10.2012 Kitezhans took part in Natalia Vodianovas Forum in Moscow
    The International forum Every Child Deserves a Family took place in Moscow from the 15th to the 17th of October 2012. The organisers were the Natalia Vodianovas The Naked Heart Foundation. The work of the forum related to modern and effective care for children with special needs and their parents, children living in closed institutions, and those living in foster families.
    Kitezh took part in one of the sections, which discussed issues of professional help for orphaned children and adoptive families. Maria Shurova and Alexander Varaksins talk on Professional Adoptive Parents, was received...
  • 10.10.2012 The Commissioner for Childrens Rights visits the community of Kitezh
    Olga Aleksandrovna Kapyshenkova, the Commissioner for Childrens Rights visited Kitezh in the Kaluga Region, accompanied by the Head of Bariatino district, Rudoman Svetlana Anatolievna and other official faces. They were met by the head of the community Sasha Voraxin and the Director of Studies at the Kitezh School Yulya Lyubimtseva.
    Olga Kapyshenkova showed sincere interest in the unique system of foster families that have been built in Kitezh and how the system of self-support works to support the childrens initiative and...
    02.10.2012 Dymitri Morozov at the National Exhibition Forum Together- for the children in Tyumen
    Dmitri Morozov was in Tyumen, at the annual National Exhibition Forum Together- for the children. The event was organised in order to promote a performance based approach in solving problems in childhood, and new tools and technologies to prevent stress within families and for children, helping families and children in difficult circumstances.
    The Exhibition Forum was supported by the participation of representatives of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Commissioner of the President of the Russian Federation for childrens rights, the Government of the Russian Federation...
  • 01.10.2012 Our achievements and victories
    During many years Kitezh children and adults have been participating in a developing psychological game "I'm building the world". It's aimed at training children to be responsible towards themselves and other people, to be able to make friends with others and keep friendship, as well as help smaller children. Every new step in this game is a great joy for the adults team of Kitezh.
    In the beginning of the new school year we summed up the results: four children became "pupils". It means that they became independent, responsible, and promoted in studying and relationship with the peers. Three high school children Alexander Eryomin, Egor Chekhov, and Ivan Davydkin became "tutors". Now they...
    28.09.2012 Kitezh is collaborating with the regional psychological centre in Kaluga
    Kitezh has got a new partner "Assistance Centre for family care for orphaned chidlren and psychology, medical and social guidance for foster families". Kitezhans have been acquainted with the director of the centre Alevtina Golovashkina for a long time and appreciate her professional knowledge and personal qualities. There's a wonderful team of professionals at the centre, and the centre itself is well equipped...
  • 12.09.2012 Governor of Kaluga region has visited Kitezh
    Governor of Kaluga region A.D. Artamonov has visited Kitezh las Sunday. He was accompanied by the finance minister of Kaluga region V.I. Avdeeva and head of Barytiano district S.A. Roudoman.
    The visit was short, and Anatoliy Dmitrievich didn't go to see around Kitezh, because he's already been at Kitezh several times. No less than 1,5 hours of time he devoted to talking with children, foster parents, and teachers. Even we were surprised by the interest and seriousness this meeting brought about in our children. Perhaps, it was thanks to unofficial vibe and absence of strangers at the meeting...
    07.05.2012 Sensory therapy room from ERNST&YOUNG
    Thanks to ERNST&YOUNG, Kitezh now has a sensory therapy room. This can be used to enhance our teaching work with the children and will promote their development and rehabilitation.
    This specially furnished room will enable children to feel secure and comfortable, overcome their fears, and open up to the world. The room develops childrens ability to focus and concentrate and lowers emotional tension and anxiety. By selecting a particular path and advancing along it in their own way, the children will be able to develop independence and initiative...
  • 30.04.2012 Toys and LEGO building sets donated by IBM
    Thanks to IBM Russia, our play therapy room now has new toys and construction sets.
    Play is a natural form of self-expression for children. It enables them to open up emotionally, and helps the experienced therapist to identify both hidden problems and difficulties and a childs inner resources. Toys and LEGO sets acquired with the help of IBM will broaden the scope of our play therapy, benefiting our children and giving them a lot of fun.
    24.04.2012 Academic Methodological Council of Moscow State Pedagogical University (MGPU)
    The Head Teacher of Kitezh School, Maxim Anikeev, participated in a session of the Academic Methodological Council for MGPU experimental centres.
    For the second year running, Kitezh School is acting as an inter-regional experimental centre for the MGPU. The topic of the experimental work being undertaken here is Cooperation between the school and the immediate social environment in creating models of inclusive education for children left without parental care...
  • 20.04.2012 Pupils from a top English school visit Kitezh
    From 15 to 19 April, Kitezh was visited by a group of senior pupils and their teachers from the renowned Sevenoaks School. The pupils have been studying Russian for three years and came to practice their conversational skills and become better acquainted with Russian culture. During their visit, they immersed themselves in the very full life of the community, attending maths, history and English lessons and participating in part of the economics game...
    19.04.2012 We are proud of Iulia Lyubimtseva, who has completed a higher degree in education
    Kitezhan Iulia Lyubimtseva on 17 April successfully defended her dissertation and gained a higher (kandidat) degree. Her research focused on the developing environment of Kitezh and the title of the dissertation was The development of the subjective position of the child in the conditions of a community of foster families. The phenomenon of a community of foster homes was submitted to the judgement of experts and has been highly praised in academic circles...
  • 31.03.2012 The Spring game Age of the Dragon: The awakening has finished!
    During the spring school holidays, the role-playing game The age of the dragon: Awakening was held in Kitezh. This was the great spring adventure for our children and guests.
    Some 30 young people came from Moscow and the surrounding area to take part in the game and immerse themselves in an imaginary world of magical creatures and sorcery: a world in which every day, nothing less than the fate of the world depended on the courage of the players and the cohesion of the group! Our heroes...
    26.03.2012 Training in Kitezh organized by the training company Masterskaya Masterova
    On 23 and 24 March, Kitezh welcomed two trainers, Larisa Nekroenko and Natalya Ivanchenko, from the training company Masterskaya Masterova.
    Larisa and Natalya conducted two eight-hour training workshops (for adults and children) on organizing team work. Kitezhans of all ages learned how to tackle group tasks and resolve conflicts and misunderstandings, took part in role games designed to bring out communication skills, and got to grips with issues relating to the effective functioning of groups...
  • 22.03.2012 The Anglo-American School comes to Kitezh
    On 21 and 22 March, we were visited by a group of our friends (children and two teachers) from the Anglo-American School in Moscow. This was part of the Experience Week.
    The visitors conversed and worked with the Kitezh children (mainly in English as our many of our guests knew little or no Russian). They took part together in community work (out doors or in the kitchen). On the evening of the first day the Kitezhans put on an entertainment with dance, music and literary offerings...